Detailed CV

Fr. Ignác Stuchlý was born in Silesian Boleslaw on December 14th, 1869. In September 1981 he started to attend Theological studies by the Dominicans. But then he had to interrupt it. In September 1894 he came to Salesians in Turín, in August 1985 he entered the noviciate house and carried on studying. Later in November 1901 he received the priest ordination.

In October he left his place of work in Salesian convent in Gorica and arrived to Slovenian Lublana with the task to build a church and take care of the Salesian institute there. His work became complicated due to the 2nd World War. When the war ended, Don Stuchlý was sent as a prefect to Veržej, but he returned back to complete the building of the church two years later. The whole work was completed as late as 1924.

A year later, he was sent to Italian Perosa, where several Czechs lived together with Salesian community and other boys from Czechoslovakia were coming there to undergo the Salesian formation. This is the starting point when people became interested in Salesians coming into our country.

Salesians in Fryšták bought the convent building which belonged to the Nuns of Immaculata after going through a lot of difficulties. And so on early morning on September 28th, 1927, seventeen boys and three Salesians led by Don Ingnác Stuchlý arrived from Peroza to Fryšták.

The Salesian work grew soon and Don Stuchlý was called “Staříček” by nickname /by people in Fryšták/, because of his white-hair head. He worked to set up other Salesian institutes in Czechoslovakia /Ostrava, Prague, Brno, Pardubice../at that time,too.

In September 1935, Don Stuchlý was appointed the provincial of the new established autonomous Czech Province of Salesians of Don Bosco. Several Salesian institutes were occupied by the Nazis during the 2nd World War. In mid August, the Fryšták Institute was taken too. It served to the Nazi as home for homeless youngsters from destroyed Hamburk and as the base for Hungarian soldiers. The Salesian Aspirantate House was placed there again after the 2nd World War.

In 1950 the health of Staříček seemed to be worse and in March 1950 he was attacked bybrain stroke. From that time he had to stay in bed.

Between 13th and 14th of April, shortly before midnight, Salesians were arrested and the whole house was occupied by state police and military service. The deportation of all Salesians to various places followed. Staříček was moved to a rest home in Lukov, not far from Fryšták. He wasn´t allowed to leave the house in the same manner as other common clients.

In January 1953 the second brain stroke appeared. Staříček died on Saturday, January 17th at 10:25pm at the age of 83. He was buried in the churchyard of Fryšták.